About Us

Tribe Medical Group Inc. (“Tribe”), founded in 2006, is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Arthrex and LifeNet Health. Tribe Medical’s mission “To Put Patient Outcomes First… In Everything We Do” drives us to provide orthopaedic surgeons with unparalleled quality in product, service and medical education as a partner in the pursuit of less invasive healing for the patient. Tribe has grown since its inception in 2006 from 16 employees to a team of over 100 individuals dedicated to achieving our mission. Tribe has continued to lead the Canadian orthopaedic industry in revenue growth every year since it was established.

Investing in Tribe Medical Group means you have selected a partner who singularly chooses to work with manufacturers committed to uncompromising quality and constant product innovation while providing you with the most competent technical customer support in the industry. Today Arthrex and LifeNet products are distributed throughout Canada and in over 60 countries worldwide.

Tribe’s corporate values push us to provide orthopaedic surgeons with uncompromising quality in medical education. In keeping with that commitment, we strive to promote Continuing Education amongst our surgical colleagues.

New product innovation is the heart and soul of the Tribe/Arthrex partnership that has resulted in the development of over 5,000 products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical procedures. Arthrex’s goal is to make technically demanding surgical procedures easier, safer and reproducible. We have brought OrthoIllustrate™ to the Canadian market, which is an Internet based resource for patient education. On this interactive website, patients will find information about the diagnosis and treatment of common Sports Medicine injuries.

LifeNet Health and Tribe’s partnership is one that took over two years to finalize as it was important to choose the leading providers of organ donation and tissue banking services through safety, innovation, quality, service and availability.