As part of the Arthrex family, Tribe Medical’s primary goal is to help surgeons treat their patients better.  We strive to provide the necessary tools to medical professionals, and our own representatives, in order to enhance the standard of patient care being offered within our communities. Surgical Labs are conducted throughout the year within our state-of-the-art medical education facility, which is home to eight stations fully equipped with Arthex’s Synergy 4K Arthroscopy Suite. Our facility also contains a fully functional lecture hall that can accommodate more than fifty attendees. We would be more than happy to host any event that would be beneficial to your medical practice, whether it is a lab, seminar, or journal club. Here is a list of our previously held events:

  • Labs with the intention of:
    • Surgeons gaining better comfort with a technique or device
    • OR staff achieving hands on learning with the goal of creating more efficient operating rooms with better outcomes
    • Residents getting the chance to practice in a realistic setting
    • PA/NP familiarization with OR protocols and preferred surgical techniques
    • Surgical technologist continued education course with a surgical technologist instructor
  • Journal clubs
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Staff parties or sports viewing parties in order to foster a better working environment

Tribe Medical’s “Maximize the Gift” Policy At Tribe Medical, we try to remember that the specimens we utilize to provide the most realistic surgical environment possible were donated in order to enhance the field of orthopedic surgery. We ask that all attendees remember that when they participate in our events and try to get the most out of their experience.