Distal Extremities

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Get to know the names and faces in your area. Our team is made up of the best-trained professionals in the industry.


David Hunt, D.C., BSc.

National Director, Distal Extremities & Biologics

Hometown: Langley, BC


Hugues Boivin, BA

Quebec Distal Extremities Manager

Hometown: Quebec, QC

Paola Escudero-Loaiza, MSc.App, B.Ing

Distal Extremities Consultant, Montreal

Hometown: Laprairie, QC

Cameron Burns, MSc. (Kin) & BSc.

Distal Extremities Consultant, GTA West

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Sarah Cole, BSc. (Kin)

Distal Extremities Specialist, Alberta South

Hometown: Salmon Arm, BC

Boyd Classen, BSc.

Distal Extremities Consultant, Alberta North

Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Dewi Williams, MSc. (Sport & Exercise Nutrition), BSc.

Distal Extremities Consultant, Vancouver

Hometown: Derby, England (UK)

Kristin Roney, BBA

Surgical Technology Associate

Hometown: Winnipeg, MN

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